Procedure Rooms - White Lotus Dental

Our Procedure Rooms

Regular visits to the dentist are important to great oral health, which is important to your overall health. With this in mind, White Lotus Dental procedure rooms in McKinney are designed and equipped to make going to the dentist as fast and enjoyable as possible. Dr. Karuna Peravali and her staff use the latest dental technology during all procedures for faster, less invasive appointments. Thoughtful touches like a warmed anesthetic, spa-like features for adults, and entertainment for younger patients are also added that may make you look forward to your next appointment at White Lotus Dental.

For adult patients:
Soothing music
Ceiling TV
Heated neck pillows
Warm, scented towels

For younger patients:
Stuffed animals
Toy token with gift from toy machine for good behavior
Cartoons on ceiling TV
Stickers during procedure