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About Tooth Whitening

There are times in life when looks can be very important, which is why at White Lotus Dental in McKinney, TX, we know that the appearance of your smile can be a major cosmetic concern. Thankfully, Dr. Karuna Peravali is able to help you tackle this dilemma with professional-grade teeth whitening. Although there are dozens of over-the-counter whitening alternatives, these whitening options typically only offer minimal results and for a short period of time. At White Lotus Dental, we supply a product, which has shown to be superior to most over-the-counter remedies currently offered. Our whitening treatments, highly recommended by Dr. Peravali, will whiten your teeth by a number of shades, helping you keep your amazing results for much longer than alternative choices. We utilize professional-strength gels that truly do the job, reaching beneath the surface of the teeth to address deep stains, instead of consumer-level options that just scrape the surface (quite literally). If you are interested in learning how you can attain a brighter, whiter smile that lasts, contact our McKinney, TX dental office for more information.

Best Candidates

While assessing the advantages and disadvantages of professional-strength vs. store-bought whitening options, it is important to consider what you are really trying to achieve. If your smile has been white your entire life and only recently has started to become discolored, an over-the-counter whitening kit could create great but temporary results. When your teeth have darker discoloration, or if you have struggled with dull-colored teeth for a number of years without improvement, you might be a great candidate to receive in-office professional teeth whitening at White Lotus Dental.

What to Expect

What you should expect for the whitening appointments is dependent on the procedure chosen by Dr. Peravali. Since our McKinney, TX dental office provides several options for effective and high-quality teeth whitening, the process selected for you will be decided upon after an appointment where your cosmetic goals and lifestyle are discussed and taken into consideration. In the majority of situations, your professional teeth whitening sessions will be carried out in less than one hour through the use of a professional-strength whitening gel, along with the help of a light system that immediately whitens the teeth several colors. Our at-home systems are also efficient but might offer a more subtle outcome over a few months.

Treatment Aftercare

The results of in-office bleaching treatments can be enhanced or prolonged with a custom home whitening kit. A second session is also recommended for longer-lasting results. Home whitening kits should be stopped once the patient has reached their goal enamel shade to avoid damaging the teeth and gums. With good home dental care and regular dental cleanings, the results from home whitening kits should last for several years. Patients should talk to their dentist about the best home products to extend their whitening through toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and other treatments. To avoid new stains, patients should limit certain foods and drinks, like red wine, berries, tea, coffee, soda, and others that commonly stain the teeth.

Insurance Coverage

Because teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, it is usually not covered by dental insurance. Teeth whitening is a more affordable cosmetic upgrade to your teeth than one might think. Our office will explain the fees associated with teeth whitening treatment and work with you to discuss financing options if needed. Pricing will vary, depending on how many treatments you need to attain the whiter, brighter smile you are after.

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Whitening may create fast and dramatic improvements to your teeth and very possibly, your total look. In case you've been contemplating a teeth whitening program but are not certain whether professional or over-the-counter options are the suitable answer, we invite you to schedule an appointment with McKinney, TX dentist Dr. Karuna Peravali to go over the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure before you make your choice.

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