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About This Treatment

Dental bonding and contouring is a cosmetic dental treatment we offer at White Lotus Dental to fix and enhance smaller cosmetic concerns. Using a composite resin that is similar to what is used for tooth-colored fillings, the bonding material is matched to the color and shape of the natural teeth for a seamless appearance. Dental bonding and contouring is used to fill in cracks, chips, and dental gaps, and can also be used to help with discolored teeth or help teeth appear longer in shape and size. The bonding is placed on the teeth and once the resin has hardened, Dr. Karuna Peravali will contour the shape and smooth the texture of the enamel. McKinney, TX men and women of all ages can have this procedure to help their teeth appear polished and enhanced. In addition, it can also help remove jagged edges or to make the teeth appear more symmetric. 

Best candidates

Dental bonding and contouring is a great option for patients seeking an easier, quicker, and more affordable way to treat cracks, gaps, chips, discoloration, tooth length, and other flaws. Dental bonding and contouring is a more affordable cosmetic procedure and can usually be done in a single visit. It does not need prep work, like crowns or veneers, but it is not as strong and typically does not stay on as long. Dental bonding and contouring is ideal for minor flaws, but if you want bigger improvements, a different restorative or cosmetic treatment may be better. At your consult, Dr. Peravali will listen to your needs and wants, and then discuss your options.

What to Expect

This treatment takes place in our treatment room at White Lotus Dental. Dental bonding and contouring is typically done in a single appointment. In most cases, anesthesia is not used; however, options for sedation to help you relax may be reviewed with Dr. Peravali to help with concerns, such as dental fear, anxiety, or for those with a strong gag reflex. As soon as the teeth have been prepared, we will apply the bonding material to the desired areas. The composite resin will be set with more layers added as needed. After the layers of composite resin are set, Dr. Peravali will shape and smooth the composite resin and your natural enamel for a beautiful, even result.

Treatment Aftercare

Once you've had bonding and contouring, it's important to not consume staining foods and drinks (such as tea, coffee, and tobacco ) for two days. The bonding material can stain and chip so do not bite on hard objects and clean your teeth immediately after eating. Teeth that have been bonded and contoured need to be cared for, like natural teeth, with daily flossing, brushing, and mouthwash. Dental cleanings at White Lotus Dental in McKinney can help to polish away stains from the bonding material. With good care, bonding and contouring may last as long as ten years. At your dental examination, we can help you determine if your dental bonding and contouring procedure should be done again to refresh your smile.

Insurance Coverage

Dental bonding and contouring is often considered a cosmetic procedure so it is usually not covered by dental insurance. However, every case is unique and our team can contact your insurance company to confirm your coverage, but most patients will pay some or all out-of-pocket expense for this procedure. In your consultation with Dr. Peravali, our dental team can talk about an estimate of cost and payment options we accept at White Lotus Dental to make your treatments cost effective for you. 

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Quick, Easy Fixes

Bonding and contouring can be an effective procedure if you want to enhance minor flaws in your teeth without the expense and time needed for other cosmetic dental procedures. Find out more about dental bonding and contouring at your consultation with McKinney, TX dentist Dr. Karuna Peravali. Contact White Lotus Dental to make your appointment, and get started toward a beautiful smile.

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