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About Tooth Whitening

While modern consumers can choose from numerous whitening products at the store from strips to toothpastes and gels, professional teeth whitening treatments from White Lotus Dental in McKinney, TX are a more efficient and comfortable choice. Dr. Karuna Peravali, a family and cosmetic dentist, creates home teeth whitening kits for her patients that include in-office deep bleaching and at-home whitening options. Patients can get whiter teeth in less than an hour with KOR deep bleaching treatments or remove lighter stains with the Liquid Smile pen at home. Patients may also combine deep bleaching in the office and custom home whitening kits. Using molds of the patient's teeth, Dr. Peravali has mouth trays made for the patient that will be a better fit and produce more even results than over-the-counter products. Dr. Peravali will help the patient choose their best option based on their dental health and goals for a safer, customized treatment. Eliminate years of enamel stains efficiently and conveniently with teeth whitening at White Lotus Dental.

What to Expect

A thorough examination is conducted by the dentist before any whitening treatment to assess the patient's oral health, especially the strength of the dental enamel. The dentist will go over whitening options with the patient and if home whitening is chosen, the dentist will make custom whitening trays using molds of the patient's teeth. The dentist will include teeth bleaching gel and the trays in the kit and go over instructions with the patient to ensure they are safely and effectively whitening their teeth at home. The length of each treatment time will vary for each patient and final results may take longer depending on the patient's goals and starting enamel color. If in-office teeth whitening is chosen, the dentist will schedule a KOR deep bleaching treatment. The professional grad bleaching agent will be applied to the patient's teeth in several layers and left on for up to one hour. For patients with light enamel staining, the Liquid Smile pen can be a good option; allowing patients to paint peroxide gel onto their clean teeth before going to bed.

Treatment Aftercare

The results of in-office bleaching treatments can be enhanced or prolonged with a custom home whitening kit. A second session is also recommended for longer-lasting results. Home whitening kits should be stopped once patient's reach their goal enamel shade to avoid damaging the teeth and gums. With good home dental care and regular dental cleanings, the results from home whitening kits should last for several years. Patients should talk to their dentist about the best home products to extend their whitening through toothpaste, floss, mouthwash, and other treatments. To avoid new stains, patients should limit certain foods and drinks, like red wine, berries, tea, coffee, soda, and others that commonly stain the teeth

Insurance Coverage

Since teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure, it is usually not covered by dental insurance, but our office can check with your insurance carrier to confirm your coverage. Our office offers many payment and financing options for patients who are paying out of pocket for teeth whitening treatments.

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Undo years of stains from food, drinks, and other sources with tooth whitening treatment kits. With the help of your dentist, you can get custom molded teeth whitening trays with prescription-level bleach for a younger, brighter smile. Unlike one-size fits all home whitening treatments sold at the store, your teeth whitening kit is customized for your needs and goals to get you your best smile. Or for faster results, long-lasting results, consider in-office deep bleaching treatments.

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